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Mental health system 'broken'

"It becomes your life," Mr Cooke said.

Mr Cooke said so many incidences of crime are carried out by people with mental illness who are not receiving adequate treatment or support.

"It's upsetting for him and both of us," Mrs Cooke said.

The pair both in their 50s also has three other children, one still living at home and two now living with their own families.

Both Mr and Mrs Cooke work about full time but Mr Cooke said this is often impeded as Puma X The Weeknd their son requires constant monitoring.

Mrs Cooke said their son can also suffer episodes where he will pace the house banging doors and yelling and the couple cannot reason with him.

Mrs Cooke said their son is also eligible for respite care but refuses to attend.

Mrs Cooke said if the couple tries to book their son in to see a specialist it can Puma Velvet Pink

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Puma X The Weeknd

Puma X The Weeknd

Mr Cooke said many other families are in the same situation or worse and can feel the pressure and strain of their role as carers.

Mrs Cooke said currently their son is picked up once a week by mental health carers through SA Health for an appointment to receive his medication by injection.

Residents John and Audrey Cooke have spoken out about the mounting pressure they and other families are feeling due to Puma X Pigeon

"The mental health system needs something in place Velvet Pumas Footlocker

If an episode escalates, Mrs Cooke said they need to call the ambulance to take him to the hospital but in these situations the police are also required to come.

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However with their son having varied sleep patterns due to his condition, Mrs Cooke said the carers were often impatient when their son was not ready to go right away.

A six bed mental health unit will be developed as part of the Whyalla hospital's redevelopment but Mr Cooke said that was only for acute mental health patients and was definitely not enough.

a lack of mental health support in Whyalla.

While there are other mental health providers in Whyalla, Mr Cooke said these too were limited and in high demand.

The couple said while there were some free activity services available in Whyalla, they were not run by mental health specialists and their son's condition can be difficult to manage.

Mrs Cooke said any number of things can go wrong such as their son can make himself some food but then forget to turn off the stove.

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Mr Cooke said there needed to be more locally based mental health professionals in Whyalla that were easily accessible and able to build a relationship with their patients.

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Mrs Cooke said they would love for their son to be able to participate in activities and be more impendent, but this would need to be done by specialised mental health professionals.

be up to a one month wait to access an appointment as the psychiatrist Doctor Anthony Dinesh visits here on a fly in fly out basis.

"We've been at our wit's end," Mrs Cooke said.

so they're not stagnant," Mrs Cooke said.

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Puma X The Weeknd

In the past, Mr Cooke said his son has had trouble with the law as a result of his condition and the matter was treated as any other illegal act.

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"He only sees Dr Dinesh if he's lucky enough, once a year," Mrs Cooke said.

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As a grown man, Mr Cooke said while their son can carry out many tasks, it can be impossible to make him do something he does not want to do.

Mr Cooke said the couple's 32 year old son has schizophrenia but does not receive adequate treatment and there is minimal support in place for them as carers.

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